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The ranking of your company, MATTHEWS INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC, is 5,658 out of 152,570 companies. It is a top 3.7%.

Total Rows Min Salary Avg Salary Median Salary Max Salary
2 200,000 400,000 200,000 600,000

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** Note: 1) Each row below represents single H-1B visa application entry for foreign workers. 2) Search results are capped at 500 entries to prevent server overload. Use advanced filter to find more specific results. 3) Job Level is self reported by the companies and often do not match with internal job levels. Levels are one of "I", "II", "III", "IV", and "N/A." 4) Job Category is classified by the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) System.

Employer Job Category Job Title Job Level Base Salary Start Date City State Year
MATTHEWS INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC Investment Fund Managers Chief Investment Officer 4.0 600,000 2019-09-21 San Francisco CA 2019
KHOSLA VENTURES, LLC Investment Fund Managers Associate (Investment Fund Manager) 4.0 200,000 2019-08-20 Menlo Park CA 2019