Welcome to Salary Ninja!

Welcome to Salary Ninja, a search tool for salary insights. Salary Ninja was built to demystify salary data. During a job search, negotiating the right salary can be difficult. Salary Ninja wants to help you by providing insights with real data. Even though there are other tools available like Salary Ninja, I wanted to add my own taste and insights and different sources of data. I will gradually add more features. I hope you find this tool useful.

Disclaimer: I built this site for fun and to learn. Please bear with me as I constantly strive to improve this website.

The Data

The first iteration of Salary Ninja uses the data from the U.S. Department of Labor. The data is generated when the U.S. companies apply for work permit visa (H-1B) to employ foreign workers. That is why this data is real, unlike many other websites that uses anonymous, self-reported data.

I performed my own preprocessing to the raw data to keep things simple. For example, I removed positions that were part-time or had hourly pay (instead of yearly salary). Also, my database data from 2015-2018.


The Name

Why is it called the Salary Ninja? I wanted the domain name to include the word “salary” while excluding too specific words like “h1b.” I was searching for some options on GoDaddy, then I came across salary.ninja. I liked that it was a fun phrase and that it reminded me of someone searching through salary data like a ninja. So I went with it!

The Creator

I am mostly a self-taught programmer. I say mostly because I took some CS courses in college, but a lot of my learning came from online. I learned how to build this website mainly by googling everything. I love to build and automate things. It brings me much joy when things are efficient.

You can learn more about my background here: