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And because finding the perfect job is akin to wizardry, we'll also answer any other question you might have.

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1 Your quest

Can't find the one you're looking for? Tell us
Can't find the one you're looking for? Tell us
Optional: in addition to your potential salary and bonus, what else do you want your experts to tell you?

2 About you

We take your privacy very seriously, and so do our experts. Also, make sure your CV has all the relevant information. More
Optional: Tell your experts about any specifics, e.g. preference for a specific industry or company size... More

3 Your Budget

The more the merrier. Salaries are a somewhat subjective matter, so it's best to get different point of views.
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How does it work?

What is the "where do you want to work" question?

Salaries vary a lot depending on where you want to work. So your answer depends on the location.

You might just choose the location you're already in if you're not looking to move, or maybe you're living in London and want to know what your salary in Lisbon might look like.

What is the "type of role" question?

This gives you the ability to choose with which types of tech roles the experts working on your CV should have most experience with.

Which questions can I ask?

The "Additional question" is optional. Our experts will always tell you your potential salary, bonus and give some specific feedback. This additional question could be

  • "Do you think I could be a Product Manager?"
  • "What's the best paying industry in London for my profile?"
  • "Do you think it's worth doing an MBA to progress to a C-level position?"

What happens after the purchase?

Your request is assigned to experts (as many as you chose) from the Industry you chose, and who have experience in the Region you selected. Once they input their feedback into the system we review it and send you out the final report via email.

How do you choose the experts?

We work with HR professionals (mostly HR Managers, Recruiters and Headhunters) who have at least 5 years experience in the IT industry, and who have easily reviewed more than a thousand CVs and participated in a large number of hiring processes.

Where's the list of experts?

Since all of our experts have their full-time jobs, they typically ask us not to showcase them outside of the reports - and since we don't want to show only a handful, we don't list their names except in your personal report, where you'll see their names, photos and a short summary of their credentials.

What does the report contain?

Here's a sample. For each expert you hired:

  • Their name, photo and mini bio
  • Your potential salary (gross yearly)
  • Your yearly bonus (if applicable)
  • Personal feedback about the numbers and your specifics
  • An answer to your additional question (if you asked one)

When will I get the report?

Within 48 hours of your purchase! In some situations it might take slightly longer, but we'll do everything possible to keep the 48 hours.

Will anyone spam me?

Absolutely not! Neither us nor the experts assigned to your case. Your email and all other information is only used for the purposes explained.

What about my privacy?

Our experts sign an NDA with us that mandates they should not keep nor use any of your information for any other purpose than completing your report.

How do the vouchers work?

Vouchers are short codes that your friends might share with you. Just insert them in the form and watch the price go down!

Each voucher can only be used a certain amount of times and up to an expiry date. They are on a first come first served basis, so act quick if you're lucky enough to catch one.

What about the money back guarantee?

After getting your report, if you feel we didn't deliver, you can just hit reply and tell us why. Assuming you have a valid point, your full amount will be reimbursed!

I work in HR and want part of this!

That's great actually, since we're always on the lookout for well seasoned people to be part of the Salary Ninja expert team. Just email us!


Knowing if your current job as a developer is paying you below market value, deciding to change industries, moving to another city or making the jump to that managing position: these are all terribly hard decisions for one to make, be you a coder, designer or manager.

Here's the thing though: just like in any industry, there are professionals who have seen thousands of similar situations and have an amazing wealth of information available.

The problem? It's not always easy, affordable or convenient to reach out. Even more often, you're just at that early stage of floating an idea...

That's why we created Salary Ninja. A way for you to tap into this group of expert tech industry HR professionals who will happily give you a valuable benchmark on how much you could be making and answer any additional question.


We just launched and are very keen on getting your feedback. Write us!

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